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Q    Where did your assessments come from?
   A Each assessment used in the Ministry Profile Management Software was created by our staff.  Several years of research went into the formulation of each group of questions.  Our Researchers included people with a minimum of a Masters in Education and one PhD
Q    How many Passions do you measure?
   A  We currently list 208 Passions.  These range from Adult Daycare to Youtube.  We try to get a complete picture of the individual not just the church member.  We believe God gave us activities and interests in which are passionate to prepare us for the ministry we undertake.
Q   What kind of Skills do you measure?
  A Skills are arranged in 9 categories.  Within each category there are several descriptive phrases you either agree you possess or you do not possess.  To see a complete list of the skills click here.




What if my church uses a different list of Spiritual Gifts than you have in your software?
  A Almost all the Gifts Inventories available use the same or similar names for the Gifts.  Our questions are unique but the same pattern is similar as the most popular assessments.  You should get the same results with our Assessment as you would with any other program.
Q   Why do you ask about my Vocational Experience?
  A Every job you have had through out your lifetime has added some valuable skill, quality or ability.  This is a valuable piece of information when Matching you to a Ministry Opportunity
Q   What do you mean when you say Match you to a Ministry Opportunity?
  A Most of the other programs available provide excellent tools and assessments.  AIM took a different approach and began with compiling a list of ministry opportunities.  These Opportunities are then cross-referenced to the Skills, Passions, Profession and Spiritual Gifts that may be helpful in finding a fulfilling Ministry.
Q   What if I find a ministry I really like but an not a perfect match?
   A We believe God can use anyone He wants in any ministry and can provide them the skills and wisdom to do His work.  This is a resource which should be used as a guide.  Allow God to work in your life as He directs.
Q   I am involved in a ministry that is not in your Resource Manual or Software.  Can you add it?
   A YES!   Each church can submit ministry ideas for inclusion in our monthly updates.
Q   We have a program called AWANA's at our church but you do not list it in your ministries.  Is there a reason?
   A Yes.  There are lots of successful programs found in our churches.  We tried to keep our Ministries more generic and allow people to use the programs within the broader Ministry Concept.  Therefore, AWANA's would fall under Children's Ministry, Missions Ministry, Local Missions Ministry, Evangelism as well as other categories.  The church will plug in the "Programs" within the Ministry Category.
 Q    Can I see a list of the Ministries in your Software?
   A Yes.  There are links on the home page of this site.  They are located at the bottom of the page.