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Passion Qualities

Your personal passions are what makes you the unique person God created.  Almost every person in your congregation will be passionate about something.  Even within family units, it will be difficult to find two people who are passionate about the same things.  This is the uniqueness God has brought about within our churches and our families. 

Sometimes we confuse spiritual giftswith passion or talent.  God made us who we are.  He gave us our abilities and talents when he formed us, but our passions grow out of our unique individual spirit.  Those activities and tasks which we thoroughly enjoy and gain great personal satisfaction. 

Our personal passions are essential in matching us to the opportunities for ministry in a local church to assure we enjoy personal and spiritual satisfaction from the tasks at hand.  God intended us to be passionate about our work for him.  If Jesus and the disciples had not been passionate about spreading the good news, the church would have died within the first generation.  The apostle Paul would never have survived his imprisonment and the gospel message would not have been spread to the four corners of the earth through the guards that had watched over his captivity.  Passion is that almost uncontrollable desire to obtain or to engage in certain activities.

Assimilation and Integration has attempted to list passions that will be helpful in fulfilling the task of ministry listed in this manual.  Passion alone will not be sufficient to make the ministry successful, but is just one of the factors combined with all the other personal factors that leads to a fulfilling ministry.

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Our Current list of Passions

Adult Day Care Dining Out Interpreting Remodeling
Agriculture Disaster Relief Investing Rescue Work
Animals Discipleship Knitting or Crochet Research
Antiques Discipling Landscaping Retirement Planning
Architecture Discussion Groups Languages Running
Art Drama Leading Safety
Assimilation Drawing Pictures Learning New Customs Scouting
Athletics Editing Publications Letter Writing Scrapbooking
Auto Repair Education Logistical Planning Script Writing
Babysitting Electronics Long Range Planning Senior Adults
Baking Encouragement Mailing Cards Serving
Banking Entertaining Others Marketing Sewing
Bible Study Entertainment Mechanics Sharing Personal Info
Big Brother/Big Sister Evangelism Meeting New People Shopping
Blogging Exercise Meeting Singles Singing
Building Experimentation Men's Fellowship Single Fathers
Business Exploring Mentoring Single Mothers
Business Discussions Facebook Military Families Social Events
Camping Family Care Ministering Social Networking
Car Clubs Farming Ministry Soldiers
Caring For Others Fashion Mission Trips Sound Systems
Carpentry Fellowship Missionaries Spiritual Growth
Cars Finance Missions Sports
Celebrations First Aid Mission's Education Sports Fan
Charity Volunteer Flower Arranging Motorcycles Stage Design
Child Care Food Movies Story Telling or Reading
Children Fundraising Museums Students
Christmas Gardening Music Study
Church Activities Golf Nutrition Support Groups
Civic Organizations Government Office work Surfing the Internet
Cleanliness Grandchildren Organizing Groups Table Decorating
Coaching Graphic Design Outdoor Activities Teaching
Coffee Grounds Keeping Parties Technology
Collectibles Groups Personal Hygiene Translation
College Athletics Health Foods Pets Travel
College Education Helping Children Photography Tutoring
College Students Helping Families Pintrest Twitter
Communications Helping the Poor Planning Typing
Compassion High School Athletics Planning or Organizing Events Video Games
Computers History Playing an Instrument Video Production
Construction Holidays Political Discussions Visitation
Conversation Horticulture Politics Volunteer Firefighter
Cooking Hospital Pink Lady Praying Volunteering
Costume Design Hospital Visitation Professional Athletics Women's Fellowship
Counseling Hospitality Providing Medical Care Woodworking
Couponing Housing Public Speaking Working With Children
Crafting Hunting Publicity Working With The Elderly
Creative Arts Instagram Reading Worship
Dancing Interior Design Real Estate Investing Writing
Decorating International Students Real Estate Management Yard Sales
Denominational Work International Travel Recreation YouTube