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AIM Ministry Profile Management Software


Terms and Conditions

This software is intended to identify a person’s strengths and abilities.  These character qualities are subject to change based on a person’s physical, emotional or spiritual condition.

The assessments, are scored by the software and are only as accurate as the information provided by the you.

The interpretation of data and the suggestions for ministry are based on facts, opinions, experience and other factors.  The success of any person in a suggested ministry is dependent of many factors including: Spiritual Guidance, Church Support, Faithfulness to the task, Dedication, Spiritual Development and others.

AIM encourages every Minister, Pastor, Deacon, Church Leader or other Participants to use this as a guide for ministry but ultimately the success of any ministry is in the hands of God and the people who are participating.

AIM believes God can use anyone He calls to a task or mission whether they software matches them to the ministry or not.