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Video Training Programs

videotraining2  Learn how to use the Ministry Profiles Portal

These videos are free to download and use in your Church

There is no audio at this time but will be added or we can provide you the script for you own editing.

These videos and PowerPoint presentation are Copyrighted and may not be changed, distributed or sold.   These videos are also available on YouTube. 


 Why should you Assimilate and Involve new members?   10:02    
Learn why you should be concerned about assimilating new members and involving
current members in ministry in your church.
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  Church Member Registration Training  1:57     11.3 MB
 This video is appropriate to show in your worship center or other locations.  
It will guide your members through the process of Registering as a New Church Member. 
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   Take the Assessments Training  3:35     24.6 MB
This video is a Step by Step training video of how to take the assessments.  
This is appropriate for all church members.
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 Register and Purchase your Church Portal  2:40    19:58 MB 
This video will guide you though the process of registering your church and 
securing the Unique URL for your members.
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Using the Administrator Search Feature  2:02    17.6 MB  
Church Administrators can search for members that have any combination of
Passions, Skills, Vocations or Spiritual Gifts.
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