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Vocational Assessment

Throughout our life many of us will work in several jobs and learn multiple skills.  Beginning with our earliest job you acquired valuable traits, skills and applications.  

This assessement identifies all the jobs you have had throughout your life.  The software will cross-reference these to the ministry opportunities in the Database.

Jobs and Professional Experience
Accountant Charitable Solicitations Electrical Engineer
Actor Chef Electrician
Actuary Chemist Elevator Inspectors and Mechanics
Administrator Childcare Worker Engineer
Advertising Exec Chiropractors Engineering Technician
Air Traffic Controller Choreographer Entertainer
Alcohol and Drug Counselors Civil Engineer Entrepreneur
Alderman Clergymen Environmental Scientist
Analyst Clerk Evangelist
Anesthesiologist Clown Executive
Animal Trainer Coach Factory Worker
Antique Dealer Comedian Farmer
Any Composer Fashion Designer
Architect Computer Hardware Engineer Financial Analyst
Archivist Computer Programmer Firefighter
Art Director Computer Software Engineer Fisherman
Artist Computer Support Specialist Flight Instructor
Assessor Construction Worker Floor Manager
Astronomer Consultant Forester
Astrophysicist Controller Funeral Director
Athlete Cook Gardener
Athletic Trainers Copywriter Geologist
Attorney Corporate Executive Officer Government Agent
Auctioneers Correspondent Graphic Artist
Audiologists Cosmetologists Grocer
Author Cost Estimator Handyman
Auto Dealer Counselors Hearing Aid Dealers and Fitters
Auto Mechanic Courier Homemaker
Bailiff Court Reporter House Painter
Baker Cowboy House Parent
Banker Custodian Human Resources Assistant
Barber Dancer Inn-keeper
Beautician Database Administrator Instructor
Beekeeper Deacon/Elder Insurance Agent/Broker
Biologist Dental Hygienists Intelligence Officer
Bookkeeper Dentist Interior Designer
Bookseller Deputy Internist
Bricklayer Designer Interpreter
Broadcaster Desktop Publisher Interpreters for the Deaf
Broker Dietetic Technicians Journalist
Builder Dietician Judge
Butcher Disc Jockey Kindergarten Teacher
Cab Driver Dock Laborer Laboratory Worker
Cabinet Maker Doctor Land Surveyors
Cake Decorator Drafter Landscape Architects
Cameraman Dressmaker Law Enforcement Agent
Cardiologist Drivers/Bus/Truck/Cab Librarian
Carpenter Economist Lifeguard
Certified Public Accountant Editor Light Technician
Chaplain Educator Linesman
Professional Experience
Loan Officer Physicist Software Engineer
Locksmith Physiotherapist Soldier
Maid Pianist Sound Technician
Mailman Pilot Speech Therapist
Make-up Artist Plasterer Stage Designer
Manager Plumber Statistician
Manicure Podiatrists Stock-Breeder
Manufacturer Poet Stockbroker
Marine Police Detective Stuntman
Marshal Police Officer Supervisor
Martial Artist Politician Surgeon
Mason Principal Surveyor
Mathematician Printer System Designer
Mayor Producer Systems Analyst
Mechanic Professional Athlete Tailor
Medic Professor Tanner
Messenger Psychologists Taxi-driver
Meteorologist Public Relations Teacher
Military Publisher Technical Engineer
Miner Race driver Technician
Minister Radiologic Technologists Telephone Operator
Missionary Radiologist Test Developer
Model Real Estate Appraisers Theatre Director
Music Director Real Estate Manager Therapist
Musician Realtor Tile Installer
Nanny Receptionist Translator
Nurse Recreation and Fitness Worker Treasurer
Nurse Practitioners Recreational Therapist Tutor
Nursing Home Administrators Referee Upholsterer
Obstetrician Registrar Urban Planner
Occupational Therapist Reporter Veterinarian
Ophthalmologist Researcher Veterinarian Tech
Optician Respiratory Therapist Video Editor
Optometrists Retailer Waiter/Waitress
Organizer Retired Adult Webmaster
Orthodontist Retired Pastor Welder
Painter Sailor Writer
Paralegal Sales Person Zookeeper
Paramedic Scientist Zoologist
Park Ranger Screenwriter  
Pastor Sculptor  
Pathologist Seamstress  
Pawnbroker Secretary  
Pediatrician Security Guard  
Pharmacist Shepherd  
Pharmacy Tech Sheriff  
Philosopher Shoemaker  
Photographer Singer  
Physical Therapists Sniper  
Physician Social Worker