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Sales Positions

Ministry Profiles.com is a new and dynamic cloud based application designed to help the local church involve every member is some form of ministry.


We need dedicated Ministers, Christian Workers or committed Christians that want to contact churches and introduce them to the most unique Ministry Recommendation Software available.

Salespeople need to:

  • Have a real desire to be involved in ministry.
  • Love the local church.
  • Be able to explain the software.
  • Work in your given area.
  • Provide leads to the home office as needed.
  • Work independently.
  • Be passionate about getting people involved in ministry.

Salespeople will earn a commission of each license sold and all printed materials that are available.

Church Licenses begin at $5 per active member from youth thought adults.  A church of 1,000 members would have an annual license fee of $5,000.  

AIM will pay a 20% commission on all sales.

Each church license is a one-year license and commissions will be paid on all years for which the church is licensed.

Click here to view our Pricing Plan.


A Church purchases a License and then every new and/or existing member creates a profile. 

There are the 5 assessment:

  1. Skills Assessment
  2. Passion Assessment
  3. Vocational Assessment
  4. Spiritual Gifts 
  5. DISC Personality Profile

There are 5 inventories included.

  1. Languages Spoken
  2. Professional Licenses held
  3. Musical Talents and Abilities
  4. Teaching Experience
  5. Ministry Experience

The unique feature of this system is the massive database of 275 ministry opportunities that is completely cross-referenced to each element of the assessments.  After the Ministry profile is generated, it can be viewed and printed by the individual church member or by the staff and leadership of the church.

The recommendations should help the church leadership assimilate new members and involve more established members in a local ministry team.


The goal of the process is encourage every church member in finding a place of service in which they are Skilled, Gifted, Passionate and have had some past vocational experience.

The church can purchase three optional features for your application for additional fees:


  • The look of the application will include the church’s logo, welcome message, links and pictures.
  • The spiritual Gifts inventory can be selected to reflect your church’s theology.  AIM offers a 7 Gift, 9 Gifts, 16 Gift, 20 Gift and 23 Gift list.

The database of 275 ministry opportunities can be limited by the church to only show ministries that are appropriate for your church or community.

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